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Blackberry repair mississauga is the place where you will find an expert professional company  Kmaster Electronics which has been around for a very long time started with a small shop and now has many stores across Canada and all the information and technical support can be provided for everyone to call 905-361-1249

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Need a Blackberry smartphone repair ?
Did you accidentally crack your Blackberry Screen?
Did your Blackberry stop charging or holding battery power?
Dropped your Blackberry in Water?

Nothing to worry about, blackberry repair can fix your Blackberry in minutes

Blackberry, formerly known as Research in Motion is one of the premier device manufacturers on the market. BlackBerry was one of the most popular mobile device manufacturers during the period prior to the new style of phones which feature massive touch screens. While BlackBerry makes devices with excellent screens, they still specialize in the full keyboard devices which made them so popular.

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We provide on the spot service Blackberry traditional and Blackberry 10 screen repairs:

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Blackbrry Battery replacement prices
BlackBerry Model Typical Repair Price Typical Repair Time
Key3 $CALL 20-30 Minutes
Key2 $79 20-30 Minutes
Keyone $79.95 20-30 Minutes
DTEK60 $79.95 20-30 Minutes
Priv $79.95 20-30 Minutes
Leap $70.95 20-30 Minutes
Classic $79.95 20-30 Minutes
Passport $69.95 20-30 Minutes
Z30 $49.95 20-30 Minutes

Priv Screen Repair
Z10 Screen Repair
Z30 Screen Repair
Leap (Z20) Screen Repair
Q10 Screen Repair
Q5 Screen Repair
Classic (Q20) Screen Repair
Passport (Q30) Screen Repair
Blackberry Priv Screen Repair
Blackberry Dtek 50 DTEK 60 Screen Repair

Blackberry KeyOne Repair

Blackbberry Key2 Repair

Blackberry Key3 Repair

Blackberry LCD touch screen replacement
Blackberry touch screen or digitizer replacement
Blackberry keypad repair or trackpad / trackwheel replacement
Blackberry charging port / SIM reader / microphone / speaker repair
We also repair other Blackberry problems:

Blackberry battery replacement
Blackberry charging port replacement
Blackberry earpiece repair
Blackberry microphone repair (mic repair)
Blackberry keypad repair
Blackberry headphone jack repair
Blackberry camera repair
Blackberry trackpad repair
Blackberry scroll wheel repair
Blackberry software re-install or unlocking
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Blackberry Key2 Repair

As always we are the first to offer blackberry latest model repair here we are letting everyone knows that blackberry key2 repair available from a popular company Kmaster Electronics where never need to see if parts available. Company already made enough clients that now doesnt need to worry about promoting blackberry products from . You can also get cases and other accessories and original chargers. Our software expert can help you transfer data which others still cant figure it out how to transfer from the older model to the newer android os.


Blackberry KeyOne Repair

Always the first and fastest blackberry keyone repair available from our blackberry device repair center which is open for public to get their out of waaranty devices fix while you wait. No diagnostic charge means free diagnostic for anyone to an estimate for the phone which is totally dead or simple needed a new battery. Please speak to our Blackberry expert team at Kmaster Electronics

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Blackberry Dtek 50 Dtek 60 and Key one Repair

Our company Kmaster always number one and regardless other seo company try to keep our rank lower for us to provide Blackberry Dtek 50 Dtek 60 and Key one Repair just keep in mind our company is the only truly Canadian who is always supporting Blackberry Company since it was launched, and and Kmaster Electronics-Walk-in On The Spot Cell Phone Laptop Repair is the only company you can choose to get all your blackberry fix while you wait..


Blackberry Z10 Screen Repair

You have probably called our other stores as well for the blackberry z10 Screen repair and each staff can educate you well about the process but you replace the glass the whole lcd will also be change because it comes in one piece. We only use oem parts and it is 100 percent same quality what you currently seeing. Please call us at 416-831-5267 t t info about the price and our 20 minutes lcd replacment deal.


Blackberry Passport Repair

We already know how many customers need blackberry passport repair which might get different problem with software or hardware and our exper team are capable to do any and our goall is to offer all client the fastest work so they no need to look further but Here Kmaster Electronics you can just google it.

Blackberry Classic Repair

When it comes to provide the blackberry classic screen repair we have already imported replacement lcd from the usa and customers who lives in ontario are able to request in quantity and since we are the pioneer in canada for a offering all BlackBerry model solution with experience. If yo ever curious to know the aprox cost and time to get you full solution then kindly visit us at



Blackberry Repairs

We are never without any replacement parts when you needed a blackberry repairs and if you are finding us on the map you can reach us at our contact , We provide blackberry z10 repair, z30 screen replacement and popular model has issue with software , our team not only teaching the course but also provide the best solution and lower cost, please fee free to contact us

Blackberry Z10 Repair

Welcome to the only source where you can from one and only expert who is the king of the blackberry z10 repair and any other model and the name is K m a s t e r and you can can easily visit the store front at and call them at 905-781-1209 the company not only fixes on the spot but also provide any software solution such as tune up and virus removal on any smartphone.